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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and started filming backyard movies with friends in high school. After studying at Ohio University in Athens, I moved to Mexico City, where I filmed freelance projects for local nonprofits. During that period, I also worked in Tanzania on my first documentary project, where I chronicled the first paraplegic woman to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. 


In 2010, I made my way to Brooklyn. One of my first jobs was working for Ish Entertainment, a production company making content for YouTube channels for clients including the Wall Street Journal, Meredith Vieira, and Jay Z. This experience helped me understand the power of short, efficient content in conveying a message, and it was an opportunity to work with dozens of leading celebrities in sports and entertainment.

Eventually I decided to work as a freelance video producer, shooter, and editor to focus on telling non-fiction stories with a purpose. One of my first undertakings was to manage and direct a YouTube channel for Makeshift, an independent magazine and "field guide to hidden creativity." I worked with a network of over 100 contributors in 50 countries to produce digital stories, and in 2016, I filmed in Greece and France to chronicle how refugees were getting by in camps. Through this channel, I discovered how much I enjoyed working with caused-based organizations, and saw how they could benefit from short documentaries that tell their stories. 


After living in Austin, Texas, in 2019 I worked primarily with Brave Wilderness to create a TV show for Animal Planet. I played key roles in getting Season 1 off the ground by working as a camera operator and media supervisor, and making sure all footage was delivered from the field to post-production to be edited. Production took place in Australia, Brazil and around the U.S. 

I look forward to seeing where the next project takes me. 

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